Getting Ready for the Apocalypse

I’m playing an Apocalypse Challenge.

This is something that I tried in The Sims 3 but never finished because The Sims 4 came out and I was immediately distracted. For those of you who do not know the challenge, you can find the rules here.

To get myself ready to play a Sims 4 Apocalypse Challenge I decided that I needed to try a Wonder Child Challenge in order to acquire a sim capable enough of founding such a thing. The Apocalypse Challenge life isn’t the easiest after all.

I used the tenth generation baby from by previous Legacy Challenge. She was named Chef Sims in preparation for my apocalypse naming scheme. That being said, using a preexisting sim in a preexisting family means I wasn’t pulling off a proper Wonder Child Challenge. While not technically a cheat when it comes to the Apocalypse, I did feel I was giving little Chef a some unfair advantages.

02-06-16_12-47-36 PM

The two girls in the this picture are Chef and her twin sister, Giovanna.

But I’m rambling. The real reason for this post is to tell you what happened after I finished my Wonder Child Challenge (or Mock Wonder Child Challenge really.)

You see, feeling as though I had already given Chef some unfair advantages, and wanting to stay in the same neighbourhood for the apocalypse, I decided that the best way to even things out was to kill everyone that Chef knows.

You know, as simmers often do.

Chef, now a young adult and ready to face the world as it will soon become, is going to lose everyone she cares about. Sure I felt bad, but what happens in an apocalypse really? People die.

I created a new household and filled it with all of the sims Chef had befriended during her childhood and teen years.

02-09-16_7-51-44 PM

The unlucky sims are Ernest Pringle, Elsa Bjergsen, Roy Slone, Brylee Whelan, Mike Whelan, Camden Santander, and Candy Behr.

02-09-16_7-52-39 PM

Murder weapon of choice? The swimming pool. A classic really.

The victims head on over, resigned to their fate.

02-09-16_7-53-33 PM

They’re walled in. Now all we have to do is wait.

02-09-16_7-57-12 PM

The first to go is Roy Slone.

02-09-16_7-58-35 PM

Second in line is Elsa Bjergsen.

02-09-16_7-58-58 PM

Not satisfied with Elsa getting all the glory, Candy doesn’t even bother to finish letting Elsa die before she starts drowning.

How rude.

02-09-16_7-59-23 PM

A sad sight. I dunno if Grim can keep up with all this.

02-09-16_8-01-17 PM

Next is Brylee.

02-09-16_8-03-01 PM

Then Ernest.

02-09-16_8-04-09 PM


02-09-16_8-04-47 PM

Camden is the last man standing. Or swimming. Drowning. Whatever.

02-09-16_8-05-43 PM

Just to throw salt on the wound, Chef sends Camden a text to offer her condolences.

Thanks Chef. You’ve seriously just made my day.

Getting Ready for the Apocalypse

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