Apocalypse Challenge: Part 1

The time has come for me to crack down and finally start documenting my Apocalypse Challenge!

Once again, the Apocalypse Challenge rules can be found here and since there are so many of them, I’m not going to list every single one. If you’re in need of a short summary, here it is:

An Apocalypse Challenge is a challenge with a large amount of restrictions that you attempt to lift by having your sims reach the tops of various career branches. The catch? Each sim can only lift one restriction and you want to try and do it as quickly as possible.

My founder is the tenth generation heir to my legacy challenge, a wonder child sim by the name of Chef Sims. The apocalypse came about one day when everyone she ever knew died in a freak mass drowning. Weird right?

02-09-16_9-32-27 PM

At the start of the challenge, Chef has twenty-one traits! Wow, what a lady! She’s also maxed six skills including those important to her job in the Apocalypse: Fishing, Cooking, and Gourmet Cooking.

As her name indicates, Chef Sims is going to make an attempt to lift the Chef career restrictions, so she gets herself a job in the culinary career. Having graduated high school with an A and also sporting the connections trait, Chef starts at level 4 with the Mixologist job. She’d better not get fired because otherwise not only will she be a failure in life, but other sims in her household will have trouble getting those gourmet cooking skills without a fridge or a stove!

02-09-16_9-38-18 PM

I build her a quaint little house on the 8×8 square of land she’ll be living on until the Villain restriction is lifted. Since I wanted to make sure they have the money for it when the time comes, I’ve put a rocket ship on the roof. She won’t be using it yet, but it’s there.

Day 1

02-09-16_9-38-47 PM

Until she lifts her career restriction, Chef has to live off of the land. I send her out fishing so she can have dinner, but that’s not the only reason for Chef to be out of the house right now. We get to move in one sim this generation, and I’ve decided to try and nab Chef a gal pal.

02-09-16_9-45-13 PM

Finding your lady sim a husband is nice and all, but the rules of the apocalypse mean they don’t have access to birth control, and I’d really like to be able to control when they have kids. They can just grab a sperm donor when he walks by the house if they need one.

Beatrix Bryan was the first young adult woman to wander past Chef while she was fishing. Since I don’t want to waste any time, Beatrix is the one I aim to move in.

02-09-16_9-46-12 PM

After a fairly short conversation, the ladies know each other well enough for Chef to ask Beatrix to move in. Beatrix is a goofball, materialistic, and an art lover.

Beatrix gets a job as an assistant dishwasher as I plan on having her lift the Mixologist restriction.

They end the night in separate beds because they don’t know each other that well yet.

Day 2

02-09-16_10-09-18 PM

With a new day ahead of them, it’s time to get the ladies flirting. Chef starts things off, but as soon as Beatrix has a go she’s suddenly not interested.

Sending some mixed signals, are you?

02-09-16_10-16-56 PM

Luckily (after I did some careful policing of their social interactions) Chef asks Beatrix to be her girlfriend. Beatrix says yes and Chef is so happy she starts to float.

02-09-16_10-18-03 PM

Since both of their fun meters could use some topping off, I send to two lovebirds to bed together. No risk of babies here!

02-09-16_10-20-56 PM

That being said, I actually do want to get a baby in the house ASAP, so while Beatrix works on her cooking skill for work, I send Chef out to flirt with random strangers.

She runs into Marcus Flex, and the two seem to hit it off.

02-09-16_10-36-08 PM

The two really hit it off.

Chef and Marcus try for baby twice while Beatrix is out fishing for their next meal.

Day 3

02-09-16_10-48-58 PM

Chef isn’t allowed to take a pregnancy test, but with the way she’s been running for the toilet? Well, I’d bet good money that she’s expecting baby number one!


Apocalypse Challenge: Part 1

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